Today was the last day with the kids. We had the closing ceremony before the tournament. The kids sang songs about Jesus. The mayor came and spoke and gave the Kids Games his blessing. That is miraculous favor from the Lord with the government! One kid got up and gave a testimony — he didn’t have any friends at school and would be beat up regularly and called handicapped. He was led through forgiving them and giving it to Jesus and had a very powerful experience that night. He said to the whole crowd that he felt the presence of God and was surrounded by so much beauty here.


This cross was made from individual pieces of colored clay made by each of the kids at the Kids Games.



We got the opportunity to pray with one of Séb’s friends today who feels called to minister in sports, but had broken his ankle a few months ago and has been having recurring problems with it. From what I understood, the bones still sounded & felt like they were cracking sometimes and they thought something wasn’t quite right with the surgery. We asked him something he couldn’t do before we prayed, and he tried standing on that foot and raising himself up and said it was very painful and he couldn’t do that since his surgery. We prayed for him and also washed his feet and anointed him. He could feel everything relaxing and he was regaining movement as we were praying. He got up and walked around and then started hopping on that foot for at least two minutes, and said it was 90% better. We continued praying and after that he said it felt great. He hadn’t been able to do anything like that since before he broke his ankle. He was so excited that he left pretty soon afterwards to go for a run!


We went and saw the fireworks tonight at the lake. They literally made Disney World look like cheap sparklers. The show lasted for over an hour and I got some really awesome video on both my phone and camera. Afterwards we found a Turkish place to eat and I had a grilled lamb wrap. It was pretty tasty!

Tomorrow we are going out for brunch, going to an afternoon home church, and then having the evening service at a church to pray for and bless the kids who came to help this year. They have asked me to speak for about 10 minutes and share some testimonies about what God is doing back in Kentucky.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone..