Today has been a great day, and not just because my luggage finally arrived! I have met so many awesome people here — several who are American. Yesterday I met a youth pastor named Seth who was from Washington and now living in Belgium. Sébastien and I took him back to the airport today. He didn’t get to stay long because his wife is pregnant and due any moment!


Sébastien and I went to France today. My first trip to France literally lasted about 10 seconds. We forgot to stop and get sandwiches on our way to the mountain because we were busy talking. Long story short, the place he was familiar with was closed for the owners being on vacation so we went back into France and drove on up the mountain. The view was absolutely beautiful!



We came back and he helped with the stilts and I enjoyed just walking around the park and watching all of the different games the kids were involved in, and then we sat down under a tree and talked forever in the shade while the kids were playing.  It has been really great to rest and relax today and have so much time with Sébastien just to talk and enjoy one another’s company. Ministry is great, but Jesus modeled relationship and love as the heart of ministry. It is really important to take time to invest in our relationships and minister to each other too.

Tonight we had a banquet for the team and they presented gifts to everyone. They gave me Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Valloton and Bill Johnson. They gave really beautiful plants to the women who served in the kitchen and behind the scenes. Most everyone else received Christian books written in French.


Today was the last full day of the event. Tomorrow they will have a half day championship tournament with all the kids and invite their parents to come. Sunday we will have a church service and pray for the youth who are on the team. We also spent a lot of time throughout the day praying for and prophesying over each other. I love how powerfully the Holy Spirit has been showing up here!.