I am off to Switzerland for a week! I really have no idea what’s in store… I know that it will include leading worship, preaching, and loving on 250+ youth and young adults aged 15-22.

This has been a very quick thing, too. A friend I met in Mozambique in 2008 contacted me about coming about a month ago. They are hosting this youth event under a tent. God put it on S├ębastien’s heart to fly me out there, and he pulled up my Facebook to contact me and saw me leading worship for the tent revival going on in our community! What a cool confirmation. I am honored and blessed to go and be a part of what God is doing in Geneva, Switzerland. I believe that the Lord is going to move mightily over the next week! I am believing for big things and I appreciate you joining me in prayer for this. We have seen so many amazing miracles over the last few months in our community — a 4.5-month-old baby born blind who received sight to the amazement of his doctor, six doctor-verified healings of diabetes, dental miracles, and disabled people being completely healed to the point they can walk pain free without the assistance of their walkers — just to name a few! (Check out www.crossfireky.com to see all of the amazing testimonies of what God has been up to in Madisonville, KY!) I believe God wants to release these same signs, wonders, and miracles all throughout the earth, and I am excited once again to travel the globe and be a part of such an outpouring.

On a side note, I am thankful for the small blessings that God is already providing in my international travel. When I booked my flights, I was stuck in middle seats in the middle of the plane for the trans-Atlantic flights because that’s all that was available. As I was flying from Nashville to New York, I checked again and was able to change to window seats on both flights which had come available today! On the return flight, I am actually the only one in that row right now! I love it how God cares about the little things like that, and answered that prayer. He is so good.

I am thankful for my awesome best friend who picked me up and took me to Nashville to the airport and had lunch with me before I left. We had some great time with Jesus praying and reading more of Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk. I am also thankful for friends who have connected with me or stopped by my house over the last few days and prayed with me before I left… And for a wife who is so loving and supportive and who let me leave the country without her, guilt-free, on her first week of school! :-) I am convinced that I am loved by some of the best people in the world!20140804-184333-67413975.jpg