The print cartridges in my color laser printer have been “empty” for like… 4 years now according to the printer.  Anyways, I have been praying over them for years to be filled up cause it would cost like $900 to replace them all.  It has always printed really great. Well the black nearly “ran out” this week when I was printing my Bible study notes for Tuesday night so I had to switch to printing in navy blue because it my notes were coming out in a very faint gray.  So last night I was about to print out a bunch of music for leading worship at the Prayer Center and I took the cartridge out and prayed over it and blessed it and stuck it back in and BAM, full dark black pages are coming out once again! JESUS IS LORD!

I also want to tell you the story about how I got this printer.  When I was the pastor at Fairview UMC in Eddyville, KY a few years ago, they used to print their full color bulletins out on an inkjet printer.  They were wasting so much money and I had been wanting a color laser printer for years, so this was my chance to “justify” the purchase. Ha ha.  After researching for a while, I went to Office Depot in Hopkinsville and found the printer I wanted — an HP Color LaserJet 3600N.  All they had was the display model, which had like 75% of the cartridges left.  The manager was only willing to come down like $20 off the price of the printer, even though 25% of $900 worth of cartridges had already been used, plus it was the display model.  I decided to buy it anyways, and the guy at the register thought the manager was such a jerk to me that he gave me 20% off the total price anyways!