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This video is from an outreach I went on in Mozambique in 2009.  Heidi Baker is leading around five-year-old Joanna, a little girl who had never walked before!  As Heidi and others from our outreach team prayed, her legs were healed and strengthened in the name of Jesus.  It is so awesome to be an eye-witness to God doing miraculous things in the earth!

This is an excerpt from Heidi’s July 2009 newsletter:

As we went we came a cross a five year old girl, Joanna. She had never walked in her life, and her knees were crusted over with calluses from years of crawling in the dirt. I felt the Father’s compassion for her, and so I picked her up by her two hands and called her to walk. I steadied her spindly legs, and blessed her to come. Many of us cried when she did come, walking for the first time. There was also a lot of clapping and rejoicing. What a joy! Imagine, that we get to be alive for such a time as this!