Last Wednesday through Friday we went to the district of Mecufí and camped in a pastor’s back yard in the village of Mariata. This was a luxury outreach compared to what I went on last year. We went in two flat-bed trucks instead of one and we only drove 1.5 hours as oppoesd to 7+ hours. The first night we setup outreach in the place we were staying, which included worship, showing a 2 hour Jesus film in their native language, preaching and testimonies, and ministry time. The first night Heidi and an entourage of staff came with us. Heidi and Matteus both preached. Many blind and deaf were healed as well as other problems like stomach and back problems. I ended up running sound that night but got to pray for a boy who had problems with his arm that were healed.

Thursday morning, Heidi served all of us breakfast and Starbucks coffee. I jokingly say that this was my favorite miracle of the outreach: Heidi brought two bags of Starbucks coffee to bless us with. She served full cups of Starbucks coffee to almost everyone on our outreach team from the first bag she opened. God totally multiplied the coffee! It was also amazing to see how God was instantly brewing the coffee. I don’t know how many of you guys know about making a coffee in a French press, but you put the coffee in, pour boiling hot water over it, stir, and let it set for 5-10 minutes depending on how good and strong you want it. Heidi’s method looked something like this: she threw coffee in the French press, poured water over it, pushed down the plunger, and instantly served fully-brewed strong coffee! These are the times when you know how much God really loves you – when He does something miraculous just because.

Later that day, Heidi performed a double wedding and baptized many new Mozambican believers. God also used her to heal a five year old girl who had never walked. That afteronon after the baptisms, we went into the village and prayed and spoke with people, which was difficult because most of them only spoke Makua. During that time we also prayed and walked around with a Mozambican child who had Down’s Syndrome whom the other kids were making fun of.

Thursday night we drove to the village of Sabene. I tag-team preached with James, the mission school leader, and Pastor Mendez, the Mozambican pastor in charge of our outreach. I preached on God’s love for them, His healing power, and how His gifts are free and how you can’t earn them, work for them, or buy them. It was amazing to see how God was moving. People were rushing to be prayed for and it was awesome to see the desperation in their eyes as they were responding to a call for salvation. Our ministry time was really long that night. I only heard of a few people that didn’t walk away completely healed. Thank you Jesus!.