Earlier this afternoon I was laying on the couch all discouraged and stressed over finances and my trip to Africa that’s coming up in less than two weeks.  My mind was really going and it seemed like it was getting worse the longer I laid there.  I had noticed earlier in my spiritual vision there was an angel standing in front of the TV in my living room.  God brought him back to my attention while I was laying on the couch and I decided I had better investigate because he had an overall blue tint and I wasn’t feeling a strong discernment either way.  In the Spirit, I walked over to him and looked up at him.  (He was at least 7 feet tall.)  He looked down at me with flaming eyes and said, “Don’t worry, I’m on your side.”  At that point his wings came up and I heard a piercing cry come from his body like an eagle, and I saw this energy/force come out from him that hit my body like an electric shock wave.  Instantly all of the worry, stress, anxiety, and doubt the enemy had been throwing on me quite successfully today were blasted away and I was filled with a deep peace from God.  The atmosphere in my house is so electric right now.  Even when I breathe in, the air smells different and feels more oxygenated.  It’s crazy.  There’s no doubt that spiritual warfare is real. God, thank you for all the ways you choose to work in our lives, even the ways we don’t fully understand..