As I wrote about in my blogs last summer from Mozambique, God apparently likes to send people my way that have been having back problems. Here are a few back healing testimonies I can remember since last August.

The first one I remember was in our Wednesday morning Bible study, right after I got back in August. A lady in our class said she had been reading my e-mail updates from Mozambique and been encouraged by the testimonies about all the back healings because she had been having painful back problems for months. She asked me to pray for her, so right there in the church kitchen we lifted up her back pain to the Great Physician and within just a minute or two of prayer, all of the pain was completely gone and  she had complete mobility. She expressed that she felt God’s fire and warmth going through her back as He healed it, and she was continuing to feel the heat as we talked.

The second one I remember was a teenager at our church who was coming to our Tuesday night prayer group. This one was also back in the fall right after I got home from Mozambique. He said he had pulled or injured something in his back last spring/summer during sports and it had been giving him problems ever since. He couldn’t ride in the car for very long without his back starting to hurt really bad and he also had to spend time every morning stretching because he was always sore and stiff when he woke up. I prayed with him and asked God to heal his back. He texted me the next morning and let me know that his back hadn’t been hurting ever since we prayed. He also shared it with his mom after school when we were at church. He gave a testimony about it last month at a youth retreat and I also found out another detail: the week after we prayed, he rode in the car for 14 hours to Florida completely pain free! Before we prayed, he hadn’t even been able to ride for 30-45 minutes without it hurting. Praise God for complete healing!

The third one I remember was again in the fall, a lady at a revival my friend was preaching in Livingston County. She asked me to come up and do prayer ministry with her at the end of the service. A lady came up with serious spinal problems that had left her in such pain that she had been unable to sleep at night in a long time, and she was in constant pain. We prayed for her and over the course of the next 5-10 minutes, God took away her pain. She came back the next night really excited, testifying that God had completely healed her back. But she still hadn’t gotten any sleep that night — she was in such shock that she was healed, she couldn’t sleep and just kept waiting in suspense, afraid her back would start hurting again at any moment as she lay there.  It never did!  Brings new meaning to the scripture, “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!”

Fourth was a lady who came to the Prayer Center one Friday night for worship. I don’t remember many details about this healing, but me and a few others prayed for her back because she was in pain from some recurring problems, and I saw her last week and she told me that she had been healed ever since that night and was still doing great! God is good!.