God put it on my heart to start sharing testimonies on my site about the good things He is doing, so I am going to start posting some things that have happened recently.

I found out this past Christmas that God healed someone I prayed for over two years ago. My friend’s father went in for surgery because they thought he needed to have his appendix or gall bladder taken out. When the surgeon opened him up, he was severely infected all over the inside of his body. As I understood from the family, the surgeon spent most of the surgery cleaning him up and clearing out the infection. The root cause was not his appendix or gall bladder, but an acute case of diverticulitis that had ruptured part of his large intestine. Due to complications and them having trouble keeping him stable during the process, the surgeon wasn’t able to take out the diseased portion of his colon. My friend and I went to visit his dad the next day in the hospital. They explained he would have to have another surgery soon to take care of his serious colon problems. While we were at the hospital, I anointed him and prayed with him and asked God for a complete healing, that He would supernaturally remove the diverticulitis and heal his large intestine. They came and visited our church for a Christmas program back in December and he told me that when he went back to the surgeon for tests for the second surgery, they found that he had been completely healed! All of the diverticulitis was gone and his colon was fine, so he never had to have the second surgery!  I learned a valuable lesson from this experience: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t always see the fruit of the prayers you pray for others. Sometimes God answers them and you just don’t know it! This man goes to the same church as my grandparents, right across the street from my own church, and it was two years before I found out the miraculous thing God did in his life. It makes me wonder how many people God touches through our prayers that we’ll never find out about until we get to heaven..