I wrote this testimony on Thursday, May 7th, but waited to publish it until my friend had a chance to share the news with family and friends.

Two weeks ago on a Thursday, I was minding my own business and the Lord unexpectedly gave me a word for one of my close friends:  “I am giving her the desire of her heart.”  I instantly knew what He meant, and I was really excited, but the word scared me.  She had a stillborn baby a year ago in January, and God was telling me that she was pregnant.  She has been praying for another child ever since and unable to get pregnant, so this was a really hard word I was going to have to give and a major test of my obedience. I went by her workplace that day, but she wasn’t at work, and it was another two weeks before I ran into her.  I saw her and asked her how she was doing, and she started telling me about how she had been feeling sick and a few other things.  I grinned from ear to ear – a confirmation – and I said, “Are you pregnant?!”  She hesitated and we spoke at the same time – me telling her that God had told me to come tell her two weeks ago that He was giving her a child, and her telling me that she had taken two pregnancy tests today and they were positive – on her husband’s 40th birthday! She also told me that the day God told me about it was the day she suspected something was up because it was the day her period was supposed to come and it didn’t.  God is good!.