Several of us had a beach day with 35 of the kids yesterday which was really fun. We rented three canoes and a motor boat and swam, played games on the beach, and took them for ice cream and soft drinks. I wish I could send some pictures with the e-mail but the internet at the Nautilus is useless since they ran out of access tickets and haven’t printed anymore. ) It’s Africa…!

Quick testimony… Friday night our friend David from Canada started getting a rash on his arm. By yesterday afternoon at the beach it had extended all down though his legs and feet. He said it was burning and itchy and hot. It looked awful. Me and Allyson asked if we could pray for him. And I’m not gonna lie, it was so bad looking I definitely did not want to catch it, so I put my hand on his head to pray for him because he was wearing a hat! :-S Anyway we prayed for him and asked if he felt any different, and he said no so we were kind of disappointed. I saw him a little while later and he said that about five minutes after we prayed it quit itching and burning, and within another few minutes it had completely disappeared from his whole body! He got completely healed and there was no trace of it anywhere. We went and found a guy that had seen it who worked at the boat rental place and showed it to him and used it as an opportunity to talk about God a little. Just thought I’d share that with you.

Prayer request… They announced for us to bring our passports to church Monday morning with money if we needed 90 day¬† extensions. Under normal circumstances this would not be possible but I have already seen God move supernatutally on the government people here. A girl I flew in with from Joberg had a 30-day non-renewable visa and they extended it for the full 90 days. Pray that I will get this favor so I don’t have to fly out of the country and come back in for the last week here..