I had an amazing three months in Mozambique and South Africa, and now I’m home. I expected the most popular question to be “How was your trip?” or “What was Africa like?” People have asked me those questions, but the one that’s popped up so often has been “Isn’t it great to be home?”

Just so you know :-) Here are my answers to those three questions:

How was my trip? It was the experience of a lifetime!
What was Africa like? It was different!
Isn’t it great to be home? It’s interesting.

It’s hard to be home. Going from spending 2-3 hours a day of corporate worship and hearing amazing people like Heidi Baker preach constantly… spending all your time with people who are on fire with God… and constantly praying and God showing up in amazing and unexpected ways… to coming home, and it seems like it’s back to church as usual, and all my guy friends that I kept in regular contact with moved away over the summer, which were few but much appreciated. And going from living with people to being in a house by myself.

I want to say thank you to the friends, near and far, that have been accessible to me since I’ve been home and not kept me at a distance. I have really struggled with loneliness and just generally not being able to talk about all of the things that happened this summer because alot of people wouldn’t understand or would think I was crazy. It’s nice to have people in your life that are accessible and available. I guess I have always known that, but since I have been home and literally by myself for the first time in a long time, the contrast has become amazingly clear.

Wow. I’ve only been home 4 days..