Quick update for the evening! My bags did not come this morning, so I had to go shopping this morning for clothes, courtesy of Air France! One shirt I bought was 30% off. Everything else was 50-70% off, and some of the clearance items were buy 2 get 1 free. If you know me, you would expect no less of me I’m sure!  I ate Indian food for lunch and visited Starbucks for tea (and a table to eat). The tea cost $7.37!!! I felt like that negated all of my clothes shopping savings (not really) but I had to have somewhere to sit and the place I ordered lunch from did not have any tables. Thankfully my luggage has arrived in Geneva. We will probably go pick it up tomorrow at the airport instead of going back home and sitting and waiting for them to get around to delivering it to us.



I’ve had many conversations today and shared many testimonies about what God has been up to in our lives back home. They are very hungry for an outpouring here and have been praying for a long time. I really believe God is up to something big!

We had a great time worshiping tonight again and praying for the youth and for each other tonight. The night ended very powerfully with a big drink from Holy Spirit. Eléonore was completely overcome while driving, as were the rest of us. It took at least five minutes to get up the stairs to our flat! Ha ha. I haven’t felt that good in a LONG time — years maybe. God showed up in a really powerful way! :-)


I absolutely love the new family and connections I am making here. They are the best! This last picture is of the guys I led worship with last night.